Is your dog in the room with you ?

Is your dog anxious, restless or barking?

Dogs bark for many of the same reasons babies cry

Barking, growling and whining is a natural way dogs express how they feel and to let you know what they want.

Playing the Canine Lullabies is a nurturing way to console and engage dogs when they are anxious from being lonely, bored, afraid, frustrated, uncomfortable, sick, or want affection.

A search dog can hear a human heartbeat from 75 feet away.

Dogs choose what they want to hear. Their inner ear can shut off or filter out background noise and loud distracting sounds. That is one reason why it’s possible for them to stay focused on one sound like the Canine Lullabies, and tune out the rest. – even thunder.

Watch your dog move his or her ears to focus on the music coming from your computer.

Upset and lonely dogs choose to listen to Canine Lullabies because they are attracted to and comforted by the compassion in the singer’s voice and the familiar human heartbeat.

To hold your dog’s interest and attention the basic principles of relaxation training have been incorporated into the musical arrangements.

The songs are repetitive, in tempo, and simple structured to make it easier for dogs to learn and comprehend. The familiar consoling human sounds on the Canine Lullabies are predictable, non-threatening and a safe haven to mentally retreat to when something is causing them to experience the fight or flight response.

After hearing the CD a few times your dog will become conditioned to relax and calm when they hear it playing.

Although it usually only takes one song to calm your dog, Canine Lullabies volume one has 9 songs and the Canine Lullabies combo CD has 18 songs. Press repeat on your CD player to play the CD continuously at night or when your dog is home alone.

Canine Lullabies CDs will also play on your DVD player, computer, or can be converted to an MP3.