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The benefits of playing Canine Lullabies
  • Stop unwanted barking
  • Console whimpering puppies
  • Minimize separation anxiety
  • Reduce hyperactivity
  • Minimize fear of thunderstorms
  • Calm your pet in the car
  • Comfort your sick or hurt pet

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If for any reason your dog or cat is not completely satisfied with the Canine Lullabies CD, return the undamaged CD with a dated sales receipt within 90 days of purchase to the address below for a full refund. (Does not apply when the music is downloaded)

Audio-Therapy Innovations, Inc.
PO Box 550
Colorado Springs, CO
Watch 50 anxious dogs calm in two minutes.
See why Canine Lullabies are played in hundreds of shelters.
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The same recordings on your Canine Lullabies CD have comforted
millions of infants, children and adults.
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Downloads can be transferred to your smart phone, tablet, and Mp3 player.

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Volume 1

Nine classic nursery songs orchestrated to the rhythm of an actual human heartbeat.

Plays 29 minutes.

Canine Lullabies Volume 1 CD

Tablet and iPad users should purchase digital downloads from:

iTunes (click here)

Google Play Store (click here)
Canine Lullabies Volume 1
(Digital download to your computer) $9.98

Combo CD
Includes all nine songs on Vol. 1, Plus nine more songs:

Plays 59 minutes.

Canine Lullabies Combo CD

Tablet and iPad users should purchase digital downloads from:

iTunes (click here)

Google Play Store:

Volume 1 (click here)

Volume 2 (click here)
Canine Lullabies Combo CD
(Digital download to your computer) $19.95

A portable CD player can be a more convenient way for your pet to listen to the music.

Batteries are not required and the sound quality is good.

Amazon and Walmart have portable CD players starting at about $25.00

We offer Free Canine Lullabies recordings to humane societies, veterinary clinics, rescue shelters, zoos and other organizations dedicated to the protection, rehabilitation and general welfare of animals to play in your facility.

Send your name, organization, and shipping address to request your complimentary copy to

Audio-Therapy Innovations, Inc.
P.O. Box 550
Colorado Springs, CO 80901