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Contact Us

We offer Free Canine Lullabies recordings to humane societies, veterinary clinics, rescue shelters, zoos and other organizations dedicated to the protection, rehabilitation and general welfare of animals to play in your facility.

Send your name, organization, and shipping address to request your complimentary copy to

We offer special pricing for the following:

  • Using Canine Lullabies as a fund raiser.
  • Selling Canine Lullabies in your store, animal clinic, or web site.
  • Donating Canine Lullabies to shelters; so they can give them to new adopters.
  • Including Canine Lullabies as a premium with your product to enhance sales.
  • Implementing other ideas you might have to spread their use.

I will try to answer any questions you have about the Canine Lullabies in a timely manner.


Audio-Therapy Innovations Inc.
Attn: Terry Woodford 
P.O. Box 3234
Florence, AL 35630