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The Canine Lullabies CDs are being played in hundreds of rescues shelters, humane societies and homes to calm anxious, frightened dogs.

Some of the Testimonies:

“I must admit at first I was skeptical, but the Canine Lullabies CD calms my 40 in-bred and long term canine court held dogs in about 90 seconds. We start playing it at 5:00 PM every evening and let it play all night. It works every time.” Chris, an Animal Control Officer at a Perkiomenville PA rescue

“When we play the CD stress levels are way low, which makes the dogs a lot easier to adopt.” Susan Fredinburg, Senior Staff, Humane Society of the South Platte Valley, Littleton CO.

“It’s a kind method to calm our dogs. It even helped keep one dog calm who had a brain tumor and seizures.” Glenda at Safe Harbor Animal rescue, Jupiter, FL

“Seldom do I actively promote a product, but the Canine Lullabies CD does calm puppies and dogs. If you have a dog that suffers from separation anxiety, barks excessively or exhibits other inappropriate behavior, I recommend trying it. For whimpering puppies, sick or injured dogs or just hyperactive furbabies, It’s a lifesaver.” Pauline Larsen- Columnists owner TLC Canine Center. Newell IA

“During Hurricane Rita, GPA Houston had approximately 15 greyhounds in our adoption kennel. We put your CD on continuous play throughout the storm. Not only did the greyhounds sleep peacefully as the wind blew around the building, The kennel master had to make noise to wake them up the following morning, even though it was two hours after their normal breakfast time. We are delighted with your CD. Will recommend it to all our adopters, and keep one always on hand for our kennel dogs.” Catherine - GPA Houston Inc.

“I use it for transporting rescue dogs. Many rescue dogs get very nervous during car trips. I also use it a lot when new dogs come into our rescue program to help transition them to the new environment.” Laurie Fullmer - Igca Rescue – Spokane, Washington

“I just wanted to thank you for making such a great CD. My dog had a drain put in yesterday. It was a big surgical procedure. The two of us were up until 3:00 AM because he was crying in pain. I finally remembered the Canine Lullabies CD and play it for him. Within 5 minutes he stopped crying and went to sleep until late morning. Thanks so much for this product. I don’t think either of us would have gotten any sleep without it.” Ashly Szymkowicz

“After 6 years of thunderphobia, what I am witnessing now is nothing short of amazing. I suggest that any of you that have dogs who display anxiety at any time, for any reason, order one of these CDs. This is the best thing I have done for my dogs in recent memory!" Millicent Smith, Greyhounds R Us, Inc., Asheville, NC

“When my Reagan spent a year crated because of surgeries, I don’t know if we would have survived without that CD. I also used it during our endless drives to and from UGA for medical care.” Pam in Conyers, GA

“Our results were amazing! Absolutely no barking during the evening hours.” Kelly - Blue Ribbon Pets, Ukiah, CA

“Even some of my regular hyper dogs went to sleep and were quiet for hours.” Sandi - Country Pet Inn, Sheridan, WY

“Amazing results! One pet had separation anxiety, whining, chewing, etc. Within two minutes he was laying peacefully.” Mike - Ebony Kennel, Plymouth, NH

“The music has a soothing effect on both the cats and the dogs.” Angela - South Paw Bed & Bath, Smythville, TN

“Kennel workers were amazed at the ‘pin drop’ silence as they worked.” Marsha - Sheabel Pet Care Center, Lexington, KY