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Canine Lullabies Volume 1 (Micro SD Card)

Canine Lullabies Volume 1 (Micro SD Card)

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Canine Lullabies Vol. #1 is nine classical lullabies orchestrated to the rhythm of the human heart beat. Playing the CD at a low volume will stop barking, reduce hyperactivity, minimize thunder phobia, and calm whimpering puppies. Push the repeat button on your CD or MP3 player to let the music play all night or when your dog is home alone. This will help your dog sleep and reduce separation anxiety when you are gone.

The 9 songs on the Vol. # 1 CD can also be downloaded to your computer for only $9.98. If you do not have a Pay Pal account you can still order with your credit card.

Plays 28 minutes.